What is NeyroKod?
An easy to learn and cognitively lightweight modeler that is ready for use right away. You don't need to invent and keep complex models in your head anymore, only to later unload them into a computer or onto paper. Instead, you can modify and improve your model in the course of inventing it, thanks to the flexibility of NeyroKod,
NeyroKod uses the same principles of knowledge organization as our brain: fractal data storage, chunking, various types of representation, and flexible semi-formal structures. As a result, NeyroKod is ideally suited for collecting and navigating your personal knowledge database.
Group Work Tool
NeyroKod not only lets you edit a part of the map collaboratively but also provides individual representation for each participant of the group. Create your own representations and fine-tune the tool for your personal needs!
NeyroKod is a system that builds around how people think and work, rather than how to print or present the results of thinking. We want to teach the machine to help its user, not the other way around.
The right combination of ideas from computer science and their further developments are utilized to create this next-gen information system. NeyroKod rejects modality and application-centric interfaces and draws on Robert Horn's visual language concept, the OHS and CoDIAK models of Douglas Engelbart, an object model, a unified addressing system, and the humane interface of Jef Ruskin.
What can you do with NeyroKod?
Implement ad hoc information systems to carry out small-scale tasks without the need for lengthy iterations of design, procurement and integration. This is made possible by the NeyroKod's ability to create arbitrary information structures.

NeyroKod embodies the principles of business agility by separating operational processes (which require formalization and automation) and decision-making processes (which need flexibility and cognitive support from the user).

Scalability allows high-level executives, as well as researchers or analysts of complex problems, to build a system that covers the entire problem area, but also makes it possible to immerse into the lower levels in order to obtain the necessary detail.

How exactly can NeyroKod help me?
Using NeyroKod can help streamline the process of solving complex tasks significantly. First and foremost, the complexity of a problem depends on the amount of components which are necessary to arrive at a decision. The fractal organisation of data allows for the decrease in the complexity without any loss of content. This is confirmed by research, for instance
Visual representations in knowledge management: framework and cases.
The use of NeyroKod as a workspace helps to reduce the company's costs of operating in cognitively intensive areas and increase the efficiency of departments involved in the development of innovative products. NeyroKod uses spatial and metaphorical information arrangement, leveraging the brain more effectively than list- or page-based modes of view. NeyroKod also enables simultaneous perception (holistic perception of complex images and schemes) instead of sequential processing which is characteristic of linear systems.
What do we offer now?
At the moment, NeyroKod is a cross-platform application, where the user's information is synchronized with a cloud and is immediately made available to collaborators. The information is never erased or lost.

Thinking about complex structures, objects, and their relations implies a high level of abstraction and concept manipulation. NeyroKod allows you to create complex schemes that are "living" models, rather than static images which only reflect individual sections of the models.
Who is NeyroKod for?
NeyroKod is a versatile tool, but it is most suitable for those whose goal is to model large complex systems and to store and navigate large amounts of knowledge.
These are executives, analysts, researchers, and managers of large knowledge databases.
How can I join?
We offer undergraduate and postgraduate options for cooperation:

1. Summer internship:
1.1 We are looking for C++ programmers, preferably with knowledge of Qt and keen interest in the subject-matter of the application.

2. Work combined with research:
2.1 Software engineer
2.2 UX designer
2.3 Cognitive scientist

We attempt to discuss research project topics with you and your principal investigator and strike a balance between applied short-term and research long-term objectives. You'll be able to participate in the world's best team of intelligence enhancement developers. In addition, our mentors can help you formalize your research findings to be published in international journals.
Your area of expertise
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